Irina Russkol


Irina Russkol was born in Kharkov, Ukraine.  Irina started drawing and experimenting with paints at an early age. She began her formal training at Kharkov Fine Art Institute in Kharkov, Ukraine. Then she moved to St. Petersburg, Russia in 1994 to attend the Academy of Fine Art. Although her education helped her in large part, her inspiration and her need to create has generally come from her spontaneous emotions within. Also, many different artists and styles have influenced her.

In 1998, she decided to come to the United States to study English as well as American culture and art.

Irina has incorporated mixed media with oil, acrylic, watercolor, tempera, gouache and different textures. Not content with settling with one style or medium, she is always exploring new techniques, which is evident with her wide range of styles: landscape, still life, figurative and abstract.

Irene Dinkevich Russkol is a rare artist that comes along only once in a century. As an outsider artist, her work is influenced primarily by her life's travels and interests. Irene's work is available in basically every major city around the world through a vast network of galleries through our publishing company.

The current artwork we sell best which has been hand painted and created by Irene Russkol. The concept is basically a sculpture of bronze or precious metals on a flat surface on canvas or paper. To a degree her work is in the vain of a relief. The style of art was originally Persian and from the latin word of "releivo". Where a relief is cut from a flat surface of stone or wood and leaving the un sculptured parts seemingly raised. Irene Russkols reliefs are created by building up a texture with metallic components, rocks as well as "secrets" that Irene will not divulge as they are her patented creations. Often one wonders what Irene's substances are in her creations and I am confident they are in the realms of clay, rock, plaster, ceramic and paper-mache, but the percentage and combination used remain a mystery. Most monumental bronze reliefs are made from casting, but Irene Russkols "bronzeish reliefs" are created from the surface up.

More than 50% of the relief is shown in Irenes works which lead us to the conclusion that the figures would be considered "alto rileivo" or high relief, yet the opposite could be stated where the works could also be considered "monumental sculpture" on a flat surface.

Irene's work is depicted with many figures and sublime poses as opposed to active poses, as "sculptures in the round". The heads and many feet are undercut where the torsos are more engaged with the surface behind.

Slaymaker Fine Art ltd. in Chicago is proud to have represented Irene Dinkevich Russkol's artwork for over 17 years.